Monday, October 02, 2006

got bored

I think I'm

Sunday, October 01, 2006

ever feel like this?

me too...

Thursday, September 28, 2006


It's not like time stopped or anything, in fact, it sped up a little, I just haven't had time to sit at the computer and blab about my reedeeculous, water and power back on at our house and then this, a few days ago, the head teacher calls just as we are about to take Alec to school. "there is no water here today so you can keep Alec at home" uh..ok. so, we had a 'sick' day that no one had to pretend to be sick for! we had some fun, ended up with McDonalds at the end of the day and the boys got the 'Cars' toys - kachigga kachigga, only they ended up with Sally and Mater. Not the illustrious Lightening Mcqueen. I think they'll get over it though....

Soon we will be able to light up the nights. We are celebrating Diwali here in Fiji and that means, firecrackers and fireworks! (note- that's what it means to us as we are Christians and not Hindu - I'm sure it is a wonderful devout time for them with the finale being a big light show in the sky - the festival of lights) however, it's a great time of year, there is even louder music in every shop, I think the competition is not for 'sales' but for 'who can repel the most people' between the very strong insence (of which I am usually a fan as it's kinda hippy-like to me) and the brain-blasting music, they really need to have the great sales on that they do in order to entice me to any kind of shop in Nadi town. One the firecracker note, they are available in every kind of shop. From shoe stores to grocery stores, every kind of non-csa standardized cracker is available at knee level. YES. knee level, thats so the little ones can join in the fun too. so far, none of us have lost any body part or vision but when the cracker/fireworks goes the wrong way into a bottle, it's not a good thing!

Yesterday, I had a few extra minutes to wash the floor. very exciting. I mopped 4 times just to see how many times it would take until the water came clean. 4 times! Of course, the fire across the street added to the ash quota and the dust flying thru the windows generally doesn't help..4 TIMES!!! I just wanted a spotless floor for once in my fijian life! a lesson in futility, I know but it's like cutting grass or shovelling snow, it was methodical and mind numbing and I was able to talk to myself alot yesterday!

Today Gerry is flying some production people to some uninhabited island to scout out the location for a celebrity treasure island type of thing. or love island or something equally as lame. We never see the stuff that gets filmed here but word is out that filming has started for Survivor Fiji. who knows. rumor and innuendo abound.

well, catch you on the fly. I am off to see the wizard, uhm, I mean 'go deposit some money in someones account so she can buy me diapers and toilet paper in Suva as it's much much cheaper there than here in Nadi'.....'wizard' was much shorter to type. moce.

Friday, September 15, 2006

no water

they are always shutting down the power or the water here our we have to evacuate our place due to someone burning their cane fields or rubbish.....

yesterday, the fire brigade came to hose down a cane field fire that had gotten away..third time this week. Now, we are to be without water for 3 Lautoka and Nadi and all areas in between. no water, school everyday, dishes, FIRES, kids,toilets, it's getting hotter and hotter and NOONE uses 'dial' here! We have emptied every bucket and toy container. anything that will hold water, is full of it.

lovin paradise today! (if you notice the smoke on the left side of the picture frame)that is the field that is always ablaze!)


Thursday, September 14, 2006

misc pics

Aleki in burnt out cane field very near our house
my boys, Alec, Elias, Vaughn
brothers and mother in nearby cane field


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

some zombies I know

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hmmm, lets see, where to now?

well, there's Greece, Cayman Islands, several other Carribean islands come to mind as well, Florida, California, stay in Fiji, Oz, Nz, Baja Mexico, Scotland, did I mention Greece? Canada comes in as a last (safe) resort if we decide on none of the above. The thot of moving with 3 little ones is daunting. The thot of starting over again is twice as daunting. I figure whenever we do make the move it will be our 2nd to last one. The last being home again to Canada, BC probably. I know we still have an adventure left in us. Can U imagine anything more insane than moving to Greece? with 3 kids? I think this time, whenever, wherever we go, I will find out a bit more about where I'm going. Took us almost 2 years to get to a comfort level, and another year to mellow in. We are just here for the ride now and I'm getting 'over' Fiji. Sure, like it most days, however, there are days when my brain feels pinched in some sort of a vise-grip and everything is challenging. This may be more of a sign of other things than the 'fiji-factor' coming into play but plenty will tell you, those who've lived here, that the Fiji-factor is indeed a 'thing' So, now we cruise the net, looking for year-round water for Gerrys chosen vocation and hope that the right place will just fall into our laps, kinda like Fiji did. Maybe getting outta here every three years should be reduced to a once a year trip and then the old brain-vise-grip thing won't be such an issue!

must go find coffee....Where would you go if you have the choice?